Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marriage Equality: You Don't Have Be Gay to Be OUT!


The only way we can gain Marriage Equality for ALL is to start having one-on-one conversations about it.

Come Out of the Closet

You don't have to be gay to be out: starting telling your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone who will listen that you support Same-Sex marriage.

Making it Personal

When talking about Marriage Equality you need to share a piece of yourself.

The Story of self is the reason behind why you support Same-Sex marriage. Telling your Story of Self is the means we use to connect with people. It's these connections that will enable us to change minds and open hearts about Same-Sex marriage.

My Story of Self

When I was younger some of my girlfriends would talk about how they couldn't wait until Prince Charming came knocking on their door and ask them to marry them. I just sat back and listened.

As I got older someone would announce they were engaged and were getting married. I never really cared about the wedding details BUT I was always interested in hearing about the proposal. A friend of mine told me that her boyfriend took her to a Dodger game and handed her a box of crackerjacks. When she opened the box there was a diamond engagement ring inside. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.

When I came out as a lesbian I realized I wanted to be the Prince Charming, that I wanted to be the one who proposes.

So when I realized Shannon was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with I started saving my money to buy her an engagement ring.

After months and months of saving I finally bought the it was time for the proposal!

It was around Easter so on Easter morning I woke up early and put the ring in Shannon's Easter basket.

When we woke up I immediately said to her, "hurry up let's go see what the Easter bunny brought us!"

She humored me. She picked up the box I placed in her basket and she said, "what's in here?"

As she opened the box and saw the ring, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes!

The reason why I am fighting so hard for Marriage Equality is because everyone should be able to propose to the person they love.

Your Turn

Think about how Marriage Equality personally affects you. It is because you want be able to see your child get married? It is because you want to marry the person you love? It is because your best friend has been in a long, committed relationship and deserves the right to marry.

Whatever your reason is...starting talking about!


Baby Beatnik said...

None of my gay friends WANT to get married but if they did I want that right to be there for them. It is not fair that with as little as $50 for the license and an appointment with the justice of the peace I can get married but not my friends and family.

My Aunt Keri's best friend Charles died a few years ago, and had he not had the presence of mind to leave his partner everything in his will, Larry wouldn't have gotten anything. Not the house they shared, not the belongings they shared, none of it. It all would have gone to his mother who would not have given ANYTHING to Larry. And Larry, of course, was gracious enough to know that Charles' family would want certain things and shared with them.

But had he not written his will the way he did Larry would not have had the same rights that I would have for my husband should he die. And even with the way that he had written the will didn't leave Larry with all the same rights. It caused a huge mess for him to deal with (even more so than the death of a loved one).

Anyway, I've got a ton of other reasons, a ton of other friends with different circumstances, all of which would benefit from being allowed the same basic right of marriage. MARRIAGE.

Baby Beatnik said...

You've been given an award! Come check it out!! :)