Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today's Courageous Conversation

The scene - I was walking into Von's (wearing my No on 8 t-shirt) and a man was collecting money for a halfway house.

Me: Sorry I don't have any cash but good luck today. (I walk to get a shopping cart)

Man: Did you vote no on 8?

Me: Absolutely!

Man: Prop 8 was about gay marriage right?

Me: Yes. I got married.

Man: To a man?

Me: No to a woman.

Man: But you voted no.

Me: A no vote meant you supported gay marriage

Man: (puzzled look) why did you do it? (he meant marry a woman)

Me: Are you married?

Man: Yes

Me: To you woman?

Man: Of course

Me: Well, why did you marry her?

Man: Because I loved her.

Me: Me too!

Man: Oh...Oh...Oh

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